I Have Been Writing

So, like the title says, I have been writing–

–and submitting.

My rejection email folder filled up quite a bit over the summer.  I’ve got to admit, I was starting to get a little disappointed.  Then the end of August came–

I’m much happier, now.

I received four acceptances in the space of two weeks!  Three of them for semi-pro pay.  I now have work forthcoming in Lakeside Circus, Fiction Vortex, Stupefying Stories and Geek Force Five.

I only have a publication date for the Geek Force Five story (Sept. 30th), so it could be a bit before they all come out.  I’ll be sure to post links when they ‘hit the streets’.

On the subjects of links, I do have some disappointing news:

Two of the sites my previous stories were published on have gone down; Dailylove.net and freeflashfiction.com.

I was especially sad to see Free Flash Fiction go down.  They published my very first story, giving me the confidence to finally call myself a writer.  It truly was a great site for writers just starting out.  I wish the site’s editors good luck in whatever they’re doing now.

Fortunately, they released a couple anthologies before going down.  Both are still available at Amazon.  I’ve updated the links on my story page.

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Wow, has it been that long?

Okay, I defiantly got a little lazy with my posting, but the good news is; I’ve still been writing.

During the first few months of 2013 I switched gears from short stories to trying to write a novel.. well, three actually.  All very different.. and all very incomplete.  I did get pretty far on one (half-wayish), but ultimately petered out.  I haven’t abandoned it (He said hopefully), but I am taking a break.  So I’m back on short stories-

-and the slew of rejection letters they bring.

But surprisingly, a couple acceptances made it through.

Right at the beginning of the year my story The Case of Dr. Reynolds’ Invention came out in Mad Scientist Journal.  You can pick up a copy here or here.

I also had some more luck at Free Flash Fiction (a very great site), my story The Negotiation won their May 2013 flash fiction contest.  That story was fun to write, the contest required that the story be horror, deal with some aspect of the afterlife and contain an umbrella.  Yes, an umbrella!

Hopefully they’ll be more to come.  Or at least some personal rejection letters, they’re almost as good as acceptances.. almost.

So, now back to writing.  Take care.

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A New Story For Christmas

My latest story, Something in the Dark, just went up at Free Flash Fiction.  It’s the winner of their Christmas to Remember contest.

Something in the dark is a fantasy take on my favorite real-life Christmas event, the Christmas Truce of 1914.



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A Little Love

Everything I write usually has a little weirdness.  Without fail, even my most normal subject matter will lead to something.. different.

Of course, there is always an exception to the rule.

My latest short story is the exception:

Love Story at the Stop-Inn, published at DailyLove.net, is exactly what it says; a love story.  There are no demons, ghosts, spaceships or anything else in the category of ‘weird’.  It was actually a lot of fun to write.


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Great Short Reads

I just wanted to remind everyone to check out my other blog Great Short Reads.  And if you do, please click through to the featured stories and let the writers know what you think.


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Getting Lucky

I hope this is a sign of good things to come.. I won my first writing contest!  It’s for my story It Eats Chocolate.



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My Other Blog

Check out my other blog (the one I do actual blogging from) Great Short Reads.


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