Only 16 Days Late

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs…  Ugh, I can’t keep them all straight.  Which is why it’s taken me 16 days to finely get an update on here about my latest story.

Echo and Yankee is a quirky little story I wrote a while back, had rejected a few times, then kind of forgot about (I have many of those).  Then one day I was trolling Submission Grinder and found Toasted Cake Podcast.  Of Course the name caught my attention.

I clicked through and found a neat podcast site looking for odd, quirky stories.  I decided to send in Echo and Yankee and see what happened.  It wasn’t going to get published just sitting on my hard drive, after all.

Turned out they liked it and on May Fourth (Star Wars Day, I might add.  May the Fourth be with you) they published it as a podcast!  My very first.  If you want to give it a listen, you can check it out here.

If having my first podcast wasn’t exciting enough, I got another surprise a few days later.

I was checking the stats on my blog (yep, I do that.  Fortunately, there’s rarely many to check (wink, wink)) and I noticed a click over from a site called Fanny pack Mafia.

You know I just had to check it out.

So it turned out I found a blog entry, on a total stranger’s site, about me!

Dave Caolo, Fanny Pack’s host, had heard Echo and Yankee at Toasted Cake, liked it and decided to check out my site (which is, of course, why I should really try to keep the darn thing up to date).  He read my About page and was impressed that I attribute my interest in writing to Dungoens and Dragons; so much so that he decided to write about it!  I am toataly flatered.  You can check out Dave’s blog post here.

Well, that’s about it for now.  I’ll try to be a little more prompt next time…  Of course, spreading out the good news like this does give me something to do between reading rejection emails.

There’s so many rejection emails!


About Jon Arthur Kitson

I'm a writer and reader of short stories.
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