I Have Been Writing

So, like the title says, I have been writing–

–and submitting.

My rejection email folder filled up quite a bit over the summer.  I’ve got to admit, I was starting to get a little disappointed.  Then the end of August came–

I’m much happier, now.

I received four acceptances in the space of two weeks!  Three of them for semi-pro pay.  I now have work forthcoming in Lakeside Circus, Fiction Vortex, Stupefying Stories and Geek Force Five.

I only have a publication date for the Geek Force Five story (Sept. 30th), so it could be a bit before they all come out.  I’ll be sure to post links when they ‘hit the streets’.

On the subjects of links, I do have some disappointing news:

Two of the sites my previous stories were published on have gone down; Dailylove.net and freeflashfiction.com.

I was especially sad to see Free Flash Fiction go down.  They published my very first story, giving me the confidence to finally call myself a writer.  It truly was a great site for writers just starting out.  I wish the site’s editors good luck in whatever they’re doing now.

Fortunately, they released a couple anthologies before going down.  Both are still available at Amazon.  I’ve updated the links on my story page.


About Jon Arthur Kitson

I'm a writer and reader of short stories.
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